What is LiteSpeed?

LiteSpeed is an important part of our business in that it’s the backbone of what keeps our hosting fast. A huge portion of websites are using the Apache HTTP Server to run their sites. Apache has been around for a long time, is stable, and is likely not to be going away anytime soon. However, as sites become more complicated and resource heavy, Apache doesn’t feel as fast as it used to.

There are other web servers, such as NGINX but we make use of LiteSpeed Server, which is a drop-in replacement for Apache that has optimization for use with certain content management systems, including WordPress. Any WordPress site can install the free LiteSpeed Cache WordPress plugin and gain some pretty impressive speed improvements. LiteSpeed has a plethora of other great features, but its positive impact on the speed of WordPress sites is why we use it.

If you’re planning on running a personal website or blog, then speed isn’t going to be as critical. But, for any business site, particularly a Woocommerce site, LiteSpeed Server + Cache will make a huge difference.