FirefighterRecruitments website thumbnail

Firefighter Shawn has created this valuable resource for both aspiring and current career firefighters. Just getting your first firefighter job […]

My Artbox website screenshot

My Art Box

Rachel is an amazing entrepreneur with several irons in the fire. One of her ventures is My Art Box, a […]

VO2 Max Fitness screenshot

VO2 Max Fitness

Eric is a terrific personal trainer with many years of experience, and a varied history of athletic ventures. His business […]

Nomad Striking screenshot

Nomad Striking

Nomad Striking Academy is a martial arts facility situated in Fraserville, ON (just outside of Peterborough). Originally known as Dohjo […]

Kevin Mooney website screenshot

Kevin Mooney Construction

Kevin Mooney Construction already had a site, but it was getting a little long in the tooth. So, we took […]

The Maxwell Group screenshot

The Maxwell Group

The Maxwell Group is a well-respected real estate brokerage based in the Peterborough area. They already had a logo and […]

Grady's Feet Essentials website screenshot

Grady’s Feet Essentials

Grady’s is a shoe store that’s been in business in Peterborough since 1984. They’re well known in the community, and […]

Butter Tart Tour website screenshot

Butter Tart Tour

The Butter Tart Tour is an annual event spanning over 50 locations in Kawarthas Northumberland. It involved traveling and tasting […]

Cherney website screenshot

Cherney Properties

Cherney Properties owns and maintains properties in the Peterborough area. The the design was created by Nora from Studio-N, and […]

Kawartha Land Trust website screenshot

Kawartha Land Trust

Kawartha Land Trust protects and maintains both public and privately owned properties in Peterborough and the Kawarthas. Emma from Studio-N […]