Can’t I just get a template?

For sure. You can either get your own, or we can set it one up for you.

There are probably many scenarios where a template would be sufficient. But if you have any kind of specific needs, then they aren’t going to cut it. If you’re making an online store, there’s a good chance you’ll need some technical ability to set it up and maintain it. If your site is information-based, then are you able to get the exact content types you need? WordPress offers pages and posts out-of-the-box but if you want articles, events, job postings, etc., then you’ll need to know how to set them up.

The main issue with using templates without the assistance of a developer is that you just won’t be able to get it to behave exactly the way you would like. A theme can lock you into a certain way of displaying your information, and often code is required to change it.