Developer vs all-in-one agency

While I am going to be somewhat biased based on what we offer, I will do my best to be objective. First, you really can’t get anything but a simple website up-and-running without a developer; so even if you opt to go with an all-in-one agency, they’ll be using a developer either in-house or subcontracted.

Years ago, I worked for a graphic design agency where they had both in-house designers and developers. This approach worked fairly well because both sides were represented in meetings with clients. However, as search engine optimization, marketing, social media, etc. became such important pieces for businesses, graphic and development services didn’t meet all the needs; hence the all-in-one agency approach.

The problem with this philosophy is that these places rarely have all the parts they need in-house; so, you end up creating a plan with people who won’t actually be implementing it. And, your bill will reflect the number of people that need to be paid in-house or subcontracted, on top of the agency’s fees. If I need a plumber, I could search business listings for a general contractor, but I would feel more confident in hiring an actual plumber.

So, if you need social media marketing, then that’s what you should look for; if you need an experienced WordPress-oriented web developer, then contact us.